Our Values

Life at mDoc

Our team spans across different countries within and outside Africa. This makes us a multicultural and diverse team. Even with team members connecting from different time zones, we are still able to build an virtual and in-person work community.

Our competency matrix


Recognizing the feelings of others and acting and behaving with compassion. Asking “what matters to you?” and not just “what matters?”


Laser sharp focus on serving the customer with humility and going all the way to ensure that their health needs are served.


We are guided by high standards of integrity and social responsibility in all our work.


We have the humility to actively seek feedback even in the most complex and systemic challenges. We are constantly learning and iterating and take the time and effort to ask: But why and how could it be better?


We understand that the value of our company is from the sum of every part hence we treat each other with respect and dignity.

Evidence-based and evidence generating

All we do must be grounded in evidence. We are responsible for building the evidence for Africa that scales our work effectively


We work to achieve critical outcomes. We focus on signal and not noise.

Technology as an equalizer

We believe in the power of technology to provide access to knowledge and critical solutions for our business, members and partners.

mDoc's core values

Our team is built on a set of foundational principles that guide our culture and work output.







Contribution to mDoc

Data Synthesis and Evaluation


Growth Mindset