Behavioural health

Shift your mindset, improve your mental health

Our behavioural health program helps members improve their mental health, so they can respond positively to life’s challenges.

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The Behavioral Health program addresses your mental health needs through our Emotional Wellness Program, offering evidence-based psychological interventions and emotional wellness support to help you achieve a happier, more fulfilling life.

0/ 30 days

2,850/ 90 days

5% discount

5,400/ 180 days

10% discount

10,200/ 365 days

15% discount

Online Community Groups (Forums)
Virtual Group Coaching Session
Access to a Mental Health Coach
Virtual or In-person Exercise Classes
Access to CompleteHealth™
Referral for Follow-up Care
Personalized Action Plan
Health Metrics Check at mDoc NudgeHub™
Tele-Education Sessions

Boost your emotional health and wellness with the right team

With an integration of behavioural science and clinical protocols, our emotional wellness team provides personalized support to improve your mental health and emotional wellness.

How mDoc’s behavioral health program works for members

1. Sign up

Download the CompleteHealth™ app or visit here to sign up.

mDoc-Sign up

Download the CompleteHealth™ app

Set up your account

2. Set up your profile

Fill out a simple 2-minute baseline assessement to join the program. This will help us get you assigned to the right health coach.

mDoc-Set up your profile

Fill out a baseline assessement

Get assigned to a health coach

3. Connect with your care team

Connect with your dedicated health coach and other self-care specialists to help you co-create smart health goals and personalized action plans to achieving these goals.

mDoc-Connect with your care team

Meet with your health coach

Develop personalized action plans


Benefits of joining mDoc’s behavioural health program

Personalized coaching on handling stress and mental fatigue.

Get support on improving work-productivity and work-life balance

Relief when you need it

Your mental health matters

See how mDoc’s behavioural health program is here to support you

Member privacy

Everything shared between members and their care team is protected under NDPR

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