mDoc Quality Network

Building a legion of quality improvers across Africa

Through the mDoc Quality Network, MQN™, we provide support to health system leaders, frontline workers, and end users to build their capacity in quality healthcare delivery as well as clinical management and patient-centred care.

mDoc Quality Network (MQN)

Three key areas

Strategic guidance
In-person training


Educative sessions

Become well-informed

Great learning ethos

Fosters peer to peer interactions.

Great network

Provides a profound health network ground.

First SuperHub in Africa

In June 2021, mDoc became the first organisation licensed to establish a Project ECHO® Superhub in Africa. We have successfully replicated and scaled the ECHO® model since 2016 to a range of population health priorities in response to health needs such as people living with NCDs, women of reproductive age, and healthcare providers across Nigeria, Kenya, South Africa, and other African countries.

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Strategic guidance

Our strategic guidance framework is centered on providing guidance on quality improvement methodologies applicable to diverse industries.

National quality policy and strategy

As part of the mDoc Quality Network’s efforts to improve the quality of care in Nigeria, mDoc is working with the Nigerian Federal Ministry of Health (FMOH) and the World Health Organization to perform a situational analysis of the current state of quality in the Nigerian Health System.

In-person training

In-person workshops are designed for healthcare practitioners and stakeholders on quality and technology adoptions in healthcare.

As the first Super Hub in Africa, we provide a spectrum of hand-holding support to organizations and other social enterprises to set up as Hubs leveraging the ECHO® model to deliver multiple learning sessions across Africa to facilitate seamless integration of quality methodologies into health systems.

Immersion training

Equipping yourself through the insightful learning sessions.

Mentorship (hand hold support)

Getting quality support from healthcare experts

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mDoc provides tele-education using the ECHO® model to deliver virtual training and knowledge sharing sessions across different health focus areas.

Tele-education series

Tele echo for pregnant women and nursing mothers

Virtual education classes that guarantee self-care support to pregnant mothers.

Tele echo for healthcare workers

Improving the knowledge of various cadres of healthcare workers and leaders across different facilities.


Discover effective hypertension management with our personalized virtual health sessions, designed specifically for your need

Ad-Hoc (Digital literacy)

Equip your workforce with essential digital literacy skills through our customized tele-education sessions, ensuring they stay updated and proficient in the digital age.

Tele-education for clinicians and leaders in Africa (Tecla):


Virtual capacity building

mDoc provides periodic virtual tele-education sessions to pregnant women/nursing mothers, their caregivers, and health care workers leveraging the ECHO model to improve their knowledge and capacity.

We have a licensed partnership with Project ECHO®.

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