Diabetes can be easily managed with the right approach

We help people living with diabetes actively manage their condition with adequate guidance from our team of self-care professionals.

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Take charge with PROPEL, a program for people living with hypertension, diabetes and pre-diabetes. Get customized care, from nutrition to medication management, for improved health and quality of life.

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You’ll find all the support you need on your diabetes journey

The program gives you access to your dedicated health coach and other self-care professionals that work with you to manage your blood glucose levels effectively.

Your dedicated nutritionist will support you in creating a healthy-eating plan. This plan will help you control your blood glucose, manage your weight, and control heart disease risk factors.

A fitness instructor will be assigned to you and will develop an exercise plan that will help reduce your blood glucose, and boost your body’s sensitivity to insulin.

How mDoc’s Diabetes Program Works for Members

1. Sign Up

Download the CompleteHealth™ app or visit here to sign up.

mDoc-Sign Up

Meet with your health coach

Develop personalized action plans

2. Set up your profile

Fill out a simple 2-minute baseline assessment to join the program. This will help us get you assigned to the right health coach.

mDoc-Set up your profile

Fill out a baseline assessment

Get assigned to a health coach

3. Connect with your care team

Connect with your dedicated health coach and other self-care specialists to help you co-create smart health goals and personalized action plans to achieving these goals.

mDoc-Connect with your care team

Download the CompleteHealth app

Set up your account


Benefits of joining mDoc’s diabetes program

24/7 personal support

You’ll get timely and evidence-based support to help you manage your blood glucose levels and make the right lifestyle changes.

An individualized plan

A dedicated care team will work with you to develop SMART health goals and personalized action plans to achieve these goals.

Free blood glucose checks

You'll have access to regular free blood glucose level checks at any mDoc NudgeHub (depending on your subscription tier)

Our members record high satisfaction levels with our diabetes program

Reach out today, and let’s get to work in helping you keep your blood glucose levels in check

Member privacy

Everything shared between members and their care team is protected under NDPR

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