mDoc and the National Cancer Access Partnership (NCAP): Improving Cancer Care in Nigeria

June 14, 2024

mDoc and the National Cancer Access Partnership (NCAP): Improving Cancer Care in Nigeria

Cancer remains the leading cause of death worldwide, responsible for nearly 10 million deaths annually (WHO). In Nigeria, a country with over 200 million people, around 72,000 cancer deaths occur each year, with 102,000 new cases diagnosed. mDoc, a digital healthcare social enterprise, is supporting the Federal Ministry of Health by providing innovative digital navigation and cancer care solutions for patients in Nigeria.


Challenges in Cancer Treatment in Nigeria 

Living with cancer or caring for a loved one with the disease can be financially and psychologically challenging, especially in lower-middle-income settings. The Nigeria Demographic and Health Survey reveals that about 97% of Nigerians aged 15-49 are underinsured, relying on out-of-pocket payments. With Nigeria's inflation rate at 21.09% (NBS, 2022), achieving Universal Health Coverage (UHC) and ensuring good health and well-being for all (SDG-3) becomes even more challenging, particularly in terms of cancer care accessibility and affordability.


Cancer Access Partnership (CAP): Providing Affordable Cancer Medication

To combat these barriers, the Federal Ministry of Health (FMOH) launched the Cancer Access Partnership (CAP) in 2019, in collaboration with the Clinton Health Access Initiative (CHAI), American Cancer Society (ACS), EMGE Resources Limited, and pharmaceutical companies Pfizer, Roche, and Janssen. CAP provides high-quality cancer medications at nearly half the price, reducing the financial burden of cancer treatment for thousands of Nigerians. The program serves patients with various cancers, including breast, prostate, and bowel cancer.


mDoc's Patient Navigation Programs: Empowering Cancer Patients with Digital Tools mDoc created bespoke Patient Navigation Programs (PNPs) to support members living with cancer and their loved ones. These cancer patient support programs empower members with self-care strategies through our CompleteHealth™ platform, guided by a dedicated multidisciplinary team of health coaches. For instance, in partnership with Janssen Pharmaceuticals, mDoc operates a PNP for men with prostate cancer.

Upon registering on CompleteHealth™, members receive support from health coaches, including health education, appointment reminders, medication adherence, nutritional and fitness advice, and mental health counseling. The coaches co-create action plans with members to track their key health metrics and improve their health and digital literacy, leveraging digital health platforms for cancer patients.


Connecting Patients to Care with™ 

Through™, our geo-coded navigation platform, we provide healthcare referrals and reviews, improving cancer care accessibility in low-income settings. We've added the 19 facilities participating in CAP to help patients and caregivers locate these centers and enroll in the program. This integration ensures better accessibility and support for cancer patients across Nigeria, promoting cancer care innovation and telemedicine for cancer patients.


Impact and Testimonials: Improving Cancer Outcomes in Nigeria

Our initiatives, including CAP,™, and CompleteHealth™, are contributing significantly to achieving UHC and improving health outcomes for cancer patients in Nigeria. By addressing accessibility and affordability gaps in cancer treatment, we are helping patients lead healthier, happier, and more productive lives through our digital tools for cancer management and patient empowerment programs.


Request Support 

Are you or someone you know living with cancer? Call +2348178348579 or visit to learn more about mDoc's Patient Navigation Program and how our digital cancer support can help you navigate your cancer journey.


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