Building a Legion of Quality Improvers accross Africa

As part of its broader effort to support clinical capability efforts in sub-Saharan Africa, the mDoc Quality Network (MQN) has been established to augment the problem-solving efforts of those who have a direct or indirect role in improving health. We are committed to helping you and/or your organization to develop life-long knowledge and skills in quality improvement. Whether you are working in the healthcare delivery field or in one of the social determinant arenas that will ultimately impact health, we are here to support your learning journey. Our goal is to tap into the evangelism for quality improvement moving across the African continent and play our part in creating an army of improvers.

In the context of overburdened healthcare systems in Africa struggling to ensure deliver person-centered, quality care, there has never been a more critical time for senior leaders, middle managers and frontline clinicians to be equipped with problem solving skills…critical skills that enable them to optimize patient care delivery processes using the resources they have at hand. At mDoc, we use Quality Improvement methodologies as the foundational bedrock by which we enhance the quality of our delivery and facilitate seamless integration into health systems.

Please email us at [email protected] to sign up for our bi-monthly Quality Improvement Educational Webinars or for more information. During each webinar, partners share their QI projects with the network and are able to put questions to the group for collective problem-solving. If you would like to sign up to present your project for this year’s calendar, please email us.