Manage your chronic disease.
Anytime. Anywhere.

Our Approach

More people are dying early fro diseases like hypertenion, diabetes, cancer, kidney disease and mental illness

How mDoc Works

Connect with

mDoc connects a person with chronic disease to a team of practitioners e.g doctors, nurses, nutritionists and health educators who work with her to better manage his health. mDoc also directs citezens to the licensed in person services they need.

Locate nearby health
services you need

Track your progress and maintain
your health records

mDoc helps you maintain a personal health record so you can keep track of your goals and of how well you are managing your health. At your request, we can make this information available to any of your providers. mDoc collaborates with practioners to further support them in chronic disease management.

Live a healthier
and happier life

People with chronic diseases will live longer,
more productive, healthier and happier lives.

Partners and Recognition

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